Update: Congratulations to Jennifer N for winning this DVD!

I'm so excited to share this giveaway in support of the Start Something Beautiful breastfeeding calendar. Win your own copy of Birth with Gloria Lemay! 9 beautifully filmed home births, another "track" of the same births video commentary from the stunningly amazing Gloria, plus some great information on the intact penis.

I highly recommend this DVD and I am thrilled to be hosting this giveaway!

10/31/2012 11:07:12 am

I would like to learn everything from Gloria ;) I had a wonderful empowering homebirth, but after taking some of Gloria's classes I know the next one will be even more wonderful. I can't wait to feel that accomplished and strong again.

10/31/2012 02:18:37 pm

I would love to watch this DVD.

11/2/2012 03:15:41 am

What I found most empowering about homebirth was the feeling of my baby (babies!) crowning in my hand and birthing completely under my own power, reaching down and pulling my baby up to my own chest. Nothing in the world ever could compete with that!

11/2/2012 05:36:59 am

Gloria is an amazing midwife and this dvd has some really great information. stuff that all mothers and fathers need to know about.

11/2/2012 05:38:16 am

Would love to win Gloria's video to pass on to my daughter who will be birthing in a couple months.

11/2/2012 05:51:17 am

I would love to have more options to share with my prenatal clients

11/2/2012 06:45:58 am

Would love to win this DVD. Took a Doula Training course with Ms. Gloria years ago, and it completely changed my birthing choices.

11/2/2012 08:48:22 am

Gloria is such an inspiration!

jennifer laur
11/3/2012 04:57:59 am

Gloria is such an inspiration and i'd love to learn from this myself, and keep it to add to my lending library :)

11/3/2012 05:00:55 am

how exciting :)

Lisa Pineo
11/3/2012 05:27:46 am

I'd love to win this DVD. I'm hoping to take a workshop with Gloria and have heard wonderful things about this DVD. As a new doula I'm trying to gather birth resources and this would be a wonderful addition!

11/3/2012 06:58:58 am

I would love to win this DVD because homebirth is not at all popular at my country. We have only one home birth midwife for whole country and birth in hospitals are very bad and traumatic. I give birth two times at home and am continuously supporting women to chose as natural birth as they can. These DVD and the stories in it will give such a power and inspiration from women here seeking to get in touch with they birthing power.

11/3/2012 04:07:30 pm

Would love to win this! I am 2 months away from being a first time mom and am planning a home birth so any inspiration i can find sign me up!!

11/4/2012 05:13:12 am

i would love this DVD as a teaching/empowering tool to help women remember what they are made of! birth is theirs. their babies are theirs. i didn't get to experience a 'home birth' although i my third was born outside of hospital walls. it was much more encouraging, the environment much more conducive. i can't even imagine how much MORE comforting it could all be EVERY woman who desires to birth at home to do so! there is a revolution on the horizon. and that..'women reclaiming Birth'. thank you for sharing!!!! HUGS

11/4/2012 01:13:58 pm

OOOOOOH I'm drooling. Have wanted to see this for a very long time. And share with pregnant mamas, and student midwives in my community. and midwife and doula friends.

11/4/2012 01:18:05 pm

whoops I got so excited I forgot to read your instructions.

My first homebirth was definitely empowering and such an awesome induction into being a mother. Just knowing deep down I could do this, feeling it was the gentlest path for us, and then actually DOING IT. My goodness. Amazing. I also loved the intuitive space I was in postpartum, like my brain had been rewired from its usual left/linear space. I was intuiting homeopathic remedies for my son and myself, feeling spirits of ancestors around our little love bubble...a magical time.

Second homebirth much more challenging. I was profoundly humbled. Did it empower me? Hmmm I shall have to think on that, nearly a year later.

Natasha Cushman
11/5/2012 10:59:54 am

This would be a such a wonderful DVD to show friends and family. :)


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