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10/28/2012 06:32:00 am

Gotta love snuggly cuddly wrapped-on baby!

10/28/2012 06:59:38 am

My tip would be to try breastfeeding in a carrier at home first.. a lot!

10/28/2012 08:12:53 am

Love baby wearing! Love breastfeeding! Great project :)

10/28/2012 08:14:16 am

Ooops - didn't see the question! My tip is: wear bf friendly clothing to avoid a big fuss readjusting clothing while baby is in the carrier.

10/28/2012 08:58:50 am

When i breastfed the couple times in my wrap I just lowered one side by loosening the shoulder strap alto and it tilted my daughter to one sie and was a perfect height :)

Amy Lozinski
10/28/2012 09:11:42 am

Tip for breastfeeding in a carrier is to practice, practice, practice. Figure out what works for you and get comfortable doing it at home first!

10/28/2012 10:22:59 am

Wear bf friendly tops and practice, practice!

10/28/2012 10:56:06 am

Wear easily accessible clothes and try at home before doing In public for sure.

10/28/2012 11:07:31 am

wear easy to nurse in top/bra and also if you loosen the carrier a bit and drop baby down it helps with positioning :)

Amanda Lalonde
10/28/2012 01:22:43 pm

I have personally never nursed in a carrier, but I imagine wearing a tshirt over a nursing tank would be easy, or a shirt with a low and stretchy neckline for easy access.

10/28/2012 02:54:03 pm

It looks so cozy!

Melissa Cresswell
10/28/2012 11:33:08 pm

My tip would be to keep on trying, because once you have it down it is amazing!

10/29/2012 12:53:05 am

My tip would be to wear clothing that has easy access to the breast. A good nursing bra or tank that won't take too long to adjust was always beneficial with my littles!

Jenna C.
10/29/2012 04:03:31 am

Honestly, practice at home first and make sure your comfortable in how you position and what you wear. Baby will know if your not comfortable and this will cause him/her to be the same. Hope this helps!

10/29/2012 10:49:35 am

Find a carrier that is as comfortable for you as your everyday clothing, begin by wearing it around the house, so that you feel more comfortable in how it works, and how to adjust it easily, so that when you are out in public you don't become anxious in using it. This is something I should have done, it would have eased a lot of stress!

Krista Stewart
10/29/2012 12:38:26 pm

my tip is to be completely comfortable with it befor doing it in public if your a shy gal like me ;)

Keli S
10/29/2012 04:28:28 pm

I am going to practice a lot. Especially the breastfeeding in the Boba.

10/30/2012 12:26:09 am

I would LOVE a Boba wrap! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and making that beautiful calendar.

10/30/2012 03:40:22 am

My suggestions: Wear a low cut, stretchy top, watch youtube videos of it being done, and practice!

10/31/2012 02:21:19 pm

The Boba is HIGH on my wishlist for this little baby I'm growing. I'd be thrilled to win!

11/2/2012 03:29:30 am

My advice is to get out with other mamas who breastfeed and who wear their babies. You will get hands on help that will make feeding baby in a carrier like second nature. I think the key to nursing in a wrap is to latch the baby on, then tie the wrap securely supporting the baby in the proper latch. For breastfeeding in a sling, you loosen the sling, latch baby, then tighten it securely and cozily while baby slurps up all that good milk. Here's a video that shows just that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQa0k-poMuQ&feature=youtu.be

11/2/2012 03:39:46 am

Practice makes perfect!! It takes time to learn to breastfeed together and time to master it while conveniently wearing baby!

11/2/2012 03:59:47 am

Can't wait for my little one to be born so I can start the breast feeding connection!!

11/2/2012 04:28:19 am

With a new little squishy coming this year, I would really like one of your wraps! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them <3 I've already nursed one baby past three years, and I know how important babywearing is to pick up on all those early hunger cues.

Mandy George
11/2/2012 06:14:34 am

I wish I had worn my older babies, I came to it late with my 2nd.

11/2/2012 07:58:23 am

Starting off, be patient when trying to nurse while babywearing. Getting frustrated will only prolong the process. Practice at home with a happy baby.

11/2/2012 04:22:55 pm

I have no tips since I'm A first time mommy, but loved reading all of these awesome tips and plan to try them!:)

11/3/2012 06:04:46 am

Ive nnever actually breasfeed my baby in a carrier so i wouldnt have any advice to give.... but i do live breastfeeding her and i love all the advice...im glad there are alott of breastfeeding moms out there..keep up the good work

11/3/2012 06:11:34 am

That was suppose to be i love breastfeeding her sorry!!!

11/3/2012 11:08:40 am

I would say to practice at home to be most comfortable publicly. :)

11/3/2012 02:21:40 pm

Practice at home and attend a baby-wearing class :)

11/6/2012 12:57:58 am

My tip is do it in public from the very beginning. This helps normalize breastfeeding and get your comfortable nursing anywhere and your baby less fussy (especially with being worn too!) and carry burp cloths because sometimes your let down in the early days will mean your carrier gets hosed if you don't have something there to catch the spray :)


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